KWAR 2004 Budget

Sheet 1: KWAR 2004 Budget

Omni Site (see note 1)

Omni Hotel

Class Room Rental $636.00

Food & Beverage (see note 2) $2,010.21

Hospitality Suite (see note 3) $364.40

Audio Visual Aids $166.60

Total Omni Hotel Bill:

Food, Drinks, etc. for Meet & Greet & WS Reception
Donations (~$200)

Signs, Decorations, Incidental

Game Tokens $24.90

Gate Supplies $58.65

Door prizes for revel Donations (~ $100)

Total SDI:

Total For Omni (see note 4)


Garriot Site

Site Rental

Vans [2 vans] (see note 5)

Porta-Potties (see note 6)

Signs, Decorations, Incidental

Sign Blanks $10.00

Sign Holders Donation (on loan)

Total SDI:

Total For Garriot Site


Merchandise (see note 7)

CDs [280]


First printing [102 shirts] $345.14

Second Printing [12 shirts] $67.37

Refunds (names not printed) [2@$5] $25.00

Total for T-Shirts:

Total For Merchandise




BlackStar Ad [2 pages, one month] $80.00

FedEx Shipping $15.59

Mailing costs for fliers Donation (~ $20)

Total Advertising:


KWAR Booklet $267.50

Fliers Donation (~ $30)

Total Printing:

Merchandise Shipping

ACCEPS Fee (so we could accept Credit Cards)

Gifts of appreciation for staff Donation (~ $50)

Total Administrative Costs




Total Expenses for KWAR


Event Income

Gate Fees

Regular-Preregistration [68 @ $25] $1,700.00

Instructor-Preregistration [20 @ $20] $400.00

Youth-Preregistration [1 @ $12.50] $12.50

Regular-@ door [64 @ $30] $1,920.00

Instructor-@ door [10 @ $25] $250.00

Youth-@ door [5 @ $15] $75.00

Total Gate Fees [168]:

Merchant Fees [10 @ $10] (see note9)

Additional CD Sales [24@$5ea] (see note 10) $120.00

Shipping fees [5 @ $5] $25.00

Total for CDs:

T-Shirts [$10 each] (see note 10)

Small [4] $40.00

Medium [17] $170.00

Large [30] $300.00

X-Large [35] $350.00

XX-Large [9] $90.00

Shipping fees [9 @ $5] $45.00

Total for T-Shirts [95]:

Cash Donations

Total Income for KWAR


Net from KWAR (12)


Sheet 2: Notes


This budget was put together from my sketchy notes and my memory. It also includes income that came in AFTER the event. This is not exact to the dollar and it is NOT an official report. It is a document to help future KWAR stewards plan.

1. Last fall we put down a $500 deposit on this space and signed the contract (John Liberty signed – Copy is in seneschal files). We have also provided a tax exemption certificate which the Omni has accepted. Note that we are ONLY exempt from sales tax, NOT occupancy tax. In September we paid the estimated balance of $2,182.00 by check. Our final bill of $495.21 arrived 2 days after KWAR and was paid by check.
2. Food and beverage charges are part of a package from the Omni. We COULD NOT save that money by not getting food. That would have just increased our room rental cost to make up most of the difference (which is a weird thing hotels do to get you to buy their food). The actual difference between having food and not having food was about $400. That gave us a $2000 food budget (including a 19% service charge) for the party. Unfortunately, the food was not very good though the party was great.
3. The Hospitality Suite was a parlor and 2 adjoining bedrooms. The bedrooms were also be used as staff rooms since otherwise we had no place for the staff to operate.
4. Bryn Gwlad was At Risk for 42 hotel room nights at the Omni. In other words, we were counting on KWAR guests to rent rooms at the Omni. Each room rented counts as one room night for each night it is rented. Thus if 14 rooms are rented for 3 nights each we meet this obligation. If we had fallen short we would have owed the difference at $79 per room night. Our total At Risk amount for all 42 room nights was $3318.00. Note that if we were to completely cancel KWAR this would have been our only liability to the Omni. We actually had over 120 room nights used (they stopped counting at 120).
5. Vans were necessary to take guests from the hotel to the Garriot site and back on Friday. Many attendees will fly in from distant kingdoms and will not have their own transportation. We were able to use just 2 because of individuals who volunteered the use of their vehicles to transport people to and from the site.
6. We split the costs of porta-potties with BG25th (our silver anniversary event). The result was that we paid half of the $915.00 cost for porta-potties rented for a month.
8. KWAR cost $25 with pre-paid reservations, $30 at the door, $5 discount for instructors, Youth 16 and under for half price.
9. We charged $10 per table or table sized space for merchants. The hotel will gave us 10 tables free. I estimate we actually sold 10 merchant table spaces so there was no extra fee to the hotel.
10. We bought 114 Tee Shirts and 250 CDs. Don't forget, we gave away 168 of those CDs free when people registered. We sold $950 in tee shirts and $120 in CDs. A lot of those sales have come in AFTER the event. We still have ~20 tee shirts and 65 CDs but they keep selling one at a time and each is pure profit for the group.
11. We had about $300 worth of donations of food, prizes and more. I can't even guess how much it would cost us to rent a site like Mr. Garriot's.
12. We did not hit our break even point for this event based on pure attendance but the donations, tee shirt sales and CD sales saved our butts. Note that while our attendance was only 168, they had closer to 200 in 2002, 2001 and 2000.