KWAR Class Schedule

This schedule is subject to change without notice as events and circumstances warrant. The schedule will be posted at the event and included in event packets at check-in. Any changes or additions after that will be posted in the hotel lobby near the classrooms.

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  Classroom 102 Classroom 104 Southpark A&B Ballroom D Ballrooms E&F The Oaks Outdoor Grassy Area
8:00 Glovemaking - Chiara Francesca Arianna d’Onofrio Teaching Styles: Some Hopefully Helpful Hints on Teaching - Delphina des Champeaux Stretching - Conor Drummond Spanish Rapier Theory & History - Pachomius OneShoe, Gabriela D’Avila The Rapier of Fabris: Fencing as a Science - Brian Mac Brand The Sidesword Experiment in the SCA - Aeron Harper, Senan O’Faolan Available for pickup fights
9:00 Teaching the "New" Rapier Fighter - Percy Aldridge Buckler 101 - Conor Drummond Spanish Rapier Practical Application - Pachomius OneShoe Coaching the Coach: How to make the most of a 30-minute one-on-one lesson - Pieter Rausch Longsword of Fiore dei Liberi, Part I: Biomechanics - Brian Thornbird
10:00 Developing a More Period Fighting Style / Pitfalls of Period Research - Robin of Gilwell Dancing with Swords: A (Light) Weight Workout for the Student of Defence - AElfred of Chester Does Size Matter or Fighting with Different Length Blades? - Ryan Dollas
11:00 Research and Translation of Period Texts - Gabriela D’Avila Women’s Issues Roundtable - Claire Shayhan The Fight of Ridolfo Capo Ferro - Aeron Harper Secondaries Other Than Buckler or Dagger - Ryan Dollas
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 Interkingdom Anthropology (Fighting) - Robert MacFarlane The Evolution of Italian Swordplay in the 16th Century - Balthasar Charon Fighting: The Mental Game - Miguel Sebastian de Oporto, Modius von Mergentheim, Brendan MacEwan The Fight of Giovanni dall’Agocchie - Aeron Harper Grace under Fire: Posture and Balance for Footwork - Ari Uisnigh Historical Close Combat - Giovanni di Fiamma Available for pickup fights
2:00 Field Heraldry
3:00 Late Period Outerwear - Kate Maunsel 'Triall of Battell' and 'Affray and Murther': History of English Judicial and Extrajudicial Dueling from the Eleventh Century to the Present - Serena Lascelles Developing Goal-Specific Drills - Valentyn Drake Distilled Saviolo - Conor Drummond Four Aspects of Period Swordplay - Corvin di Fenarro Cinquedea: sword? dagger? fencing trowel? You pick! - Brian Mac Brand Available for pickup fights
4:00 Poetry of the Elizabethan Courtier - Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos Anatomy and Blow-Calling - Tivar Moondragon Yet Another Look at Saviolo’s Fight - Aeron Harper Stance and Movement - Margalit Medicus

  Classroom 102 Classroom 104 Southpark A&B Ballroom D Ballrooms E&F The Oaks Outdoor Grassy Area
8:00 Rapier Philosophy - Henri Molineaux What Does It Mean to be a DWS? - Ryan Dollas Two Dances from the Gresley Manuscripts - Myfanwy ferch Eifion Spada e Cappa: Cape Technique of the Italian Masters - Balthasar Charon English Swordsmanship - Brian mac Brand Longsword of Fiore dei Liberi, Part II: Longsword Poste, Attacks & Fundamentals of Defense - Brian Thornbird Available for pickup fights
9:00 The Arte of Deception in the Arte of Defence - John Malkin aMalkin
10:00 History of SCA Rapier - Tivar Moondragon What Is a Cadet? - Brian macCael Common and Serious Rapier Injuries: a review and roundtable discussion - Margalit Medicus Italian Rapier in SCA Rapier - Pachomius OneShoe Pallas Armata for Rapier - Walter Robin
11:00 Interkingdom Anthropology (Culture) - Robin of Gilwell Rapier Demos - Ansgar von Aachen Pallas Armata for Sidesword - Walter Robin Coming to Grips: How to Bend, Break and Pummel Your Enemy - AElfred of Chester