Box Lunches for KWAR/AOS

You can arrange for a box lunch to be ready for you for any of the days you will be attending KWAR activities. For the Thursday ECWSA field trip and the Friday KWAR Melee Workshops we will be sure your box lunch gets delivered to you. Saturday and Sunday lunches will be ready for pick up at the KWAR desk in the hotel lobby.

You can order and pay for your lunches ahead of time on-line from Jason's Deli. This insures your lunch will be available and waiting for you each day.

We encourage you to make your lunch arrangements as early as is convenient for you as a courtesy to this merchant.

There will also be information in your packet when you check in to let you know how to contact the correct location of Jason' Deli to make lunch arrangements for any day you won't be eating in the hotel.

Follow these instructions when placing your order to insure it gets delivered with the rest of the KWAR lunches.


New Info: The Jason's Deli Online Ordering System is down for some undetermined period. So follow these directions if the online ordering does not work for you.

Use the Menu located here. You can select a box lunch. Contact the store directly by fax, phone or email. Be sure to includ eyour payment information. Also be sure to include the delivery instructions found in the online order directions below.

Jason's Deli, Hancock
1000 E. 41st Street, Suite 940
Austin, Texas 7751
phone: (512) 453-8666
fax: (512) 453-8649


If the Online Ordering System does come up, then continue with these instructions.

  1. Point your browser at this link: (NOTE: You must allow to set cookies and to run javascript.)
  2. Choose "click here to register". (NOTE: If you already have a Jason's Deli account, log in and skip to step 4.)
  3. On the registration page fill in your e-mail, name, a password and phone. When selecting "Your Closest Deli" choose “Austin: 41st Street @Red River”. For "How did you find this web site?" choose “Link From Group Order EMail”. You may also want to uncheck the box to receive their newsletter. Click the "Register" button.
  4. When your Jason's Deli homepage comes up, choose "Place an Order” from the sidebar on the left.
  5. Under "Should this order be delivered, or will it be picked up?" choose "Pickup From Austin 41st Street @ Red River Deli". (NOTE: Event staff will see that these orders are delivered to you at AOS and KWAR.)
  6. Select time and date. The times for AOS and KWAR are:
    • Thursday October 7 at 10:30am – Academy of the Soldier (ECWSA)
    • Friday October 8 at 11:00am – KWAR Melee Workshop
    • Saturday October 9 at 11:30am – KWAR Classes at Omni
    • Sunday October 11 at 11:30am – KWAR Classes at Omni
  7. Under "Is this order only for you or is it for a group?" choose "I Will Be Ordering Only For Myself". Click "Continue".
  8. Under "I'll pick up the order from" make sure "Pickup From Austin 41st Street @ Red River Deli" is selected. Click "continue".
  9. The next screen should show a list of food choices in the left sidebar. Under "Choose Menu" we recommend that you choose the "Box Lunches" menu. Box lunches are a good deal and are most likely to arrive intact.
  10. Make your selections and fill in the options you want. Don't forget to check under "Box Lunch Extras" for goodies such as chips or fruit. If you need additional descriptions of the food go to The nutritional information can be found here:
  11. When you are done with the first day's lunch order, choose "Proceed To Checkout".
  12. On the checkout page under "Special Requests" be sure to type "Deliver with KWAR ECWSA/SCA". Complete the transaction information. You MUST pay with a credit card or choose "check" and send them a check ahead of time. If your lunch is not paid in advance it will NOT be delivered. When done choose "Send Order To Deli".
  13. Once your order has been processed you can choose "Place Another Order" to order for another day. Don't forget to change the date! Continue until you have placed all the lunch orders you want.

NOTE: We have discussed KWAR with the people at Jason's and have arranged to have all our lunches delivered to the sites where we will be for KWAR and Academy Of the Soldier (ECWSA). We do not plan to pickup dinner orders from Jason's, only lunches.