Melee Workshop and Playing of Prizes

Directions to the Garriot Estate | Melee Schedule and Conventions | Play your Prize!

On Friday, KWAR will kick off with a full day at the Garriot Estate on Lake Austin. 75 acres of open space shaded by magnificent old pecan trees with permanent structures for us to play on and around. We will run melee workshops including bridge battles across actual bridges, town battles in a small village of real buildings, fort battles in a fully enclosed wooden fort, and ship battles on a model of a renaissance sailing ship. You can also Play your Prize in The Curtain Theater, a nearly full-sized replica of the Globe Theater.

Interested in the Melees? To see a tentative schedule of melee activities, click here. Let us know if you want to teach Melee Tactics! Contact the Class Coordinator.

Interested in Playing a Prize or finding out what that is? Click here.

We will help you arrange for transportation from and to the hotel. Contact the Steward.

Be sure to arrange with Jason's Deli to get a box lunch from them. We will make sure it is delivered to you at the Estate.

The boat and the bridge.
child in front of the boat bridge
Part of the town and The Curtain Theater as of 8/02/04.
town Curtain Theater
The bailey and The Curtain Theatre Finished!
photo of the bailey   photo of The Curtain Thatre finished