Melee Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule we have put together for the Friday melee workshop at KWAR.

  • 9:00 Meet and discuss conventions for the day. This will happen in the Curtain theater.

  • 10:00 Open Field small unit tactical workshop. According to how many people we have we will break into units of 5 to 10 fighters. Units will pair off and an instructor will run them through field melees. After each run they will meet for a critique session. The fighters will self critique, the instructor will offer advise and evaluation, and the marshals will comment on any rules or conventions problems they are seeing. The the teams will put their hats back on and do it again. We will run through melees and critique this way until we run out of time.

  • 11:00 General classes and workshops. These may be lecture or specific workshops. Subjects might include 3 fighters vs. a super fighter, field movement maneuvers, effective use of RBGs and other missiles, how to fold a flank, how to stop a flank attack, shield work, etc. Fighters will choose classes to attend. I will prefer half hour classes so each fighter can choose 2, but we will consider 1 hour classes. We also will not be looking for many classes so each class will not be too small. Maybe 6 half hour classes run 3 at a time.

  • 12:00 Lunch in the Curtain Theater. Watch some of your fellows play their prizes. Don Benedict will provide us with a great show as 3 fighters face a number of challengers to show their skill on the Curtain's stage. (Look for more information on this activity soon.)

  • 1:15 Progressive melee scenario. We will divide fighters into two teams. With the raiders attacking and the baron's men defending teams will fight a pitched battle in the streets of the village. That will lead to a defense at the gorge with both teams battling on the bridges. If the raiders succeed in crossing the bridge they will attack the baron's keep. If the baron's men hold they will assault the raider's stronghold. And just when the question seems to be settled, fresh troops arrive on a square rigged sailing ship. Can the defenders take the enemy vessel?

  • In between each battle we will have a brief (timed -- maybe 5 minutes) critique session so we can improve as we go. The water bearers will also come out so everyone can take a breather while we cuss and discuss the battle.

  • Also, don't look for hay bales here. The village, bridges, fort and ship are real structures designed for fighting.

We will run each scenario twice, once with heavy blades and once with epee. If you have both types of blades you can fight in both. RBGs will be allowed for the siege of the fort. We will also have a few evil surprises along the way, just to keep life interesting.

  • 4:30ish Pack up for the trip back to the Omni hotel. We want all KWAR participants off site by 5:00pm.

In addition to the melee activities we will have:

  • Schedule TBA -- Playing Of The Prizes in the Curtain Theater. This will be a very cool

  • 2:00 to 4:30 -- Youth fighter practice. Youth 12 through 15 are not allowed to melee (SCA rules) but we will have a fighter practice for them with instructors to offer critique.

There will be plenty of space so adults can choose to do pickup fights at any time on Friday. However, the schedule is tight so we will not be able to schedule a specific time for this.

Melee Conventions for KWAR

1. We will run the various scenarios twice: once with heavy rapier and once with epee. When heavy blades are used Declared Death From Behind will also be used. When using epees DFB will not be used. This reflects the fact that DFB is typically used in Estrella and GWW , where the rapier melee war points are fought with heavy blades, but not at Gulf War where rapier melee war points are fought with epee. Hopefully many people will get a chance to try both. We realize there may be some confusion but remember, KWAR is NOT a competition, it is a teaching/learning forum and a place for trying unfamiliar things.

2. You may attack any opponent if you are in their 180 degree front. You may not attack them if you are not in their 180 degree front. Any opponent who deliberately turns his/her back or ignores you to make your attack illegal will be removed from the field. That means some of you WILL be hit by opponents you do not realize are there. Be ready for that and do not get upset. It is part of the game. Next time, try to be more aware.

3. Attacking fighters tend to get excited when attacking an opponent who is looking the other way, and to hit them WAY too hard. Don't do that or you will be sitting out the action for a while. Keep your cool and keep your attacks polite.

4. If a melee scenario allows killing from behind, a fighter does so by laying the rapier blade over the opponent's shoulder, to at least a third of the blade, while calling "Dead, my lord" (or other short, courteous phrase) in a loud, clear voice. Reaching around the neck is forbidden. The opponent will be deemed "killed" from the instant the blade touches his shoulder and shall not attempt to spin, duck or dodge away.

5. Blade grabbing is not allowed in melee.

6. Marshals will employ no-fault removals. If the marshals see a problem on the field, those fighters who seem to be central to that problem will be removed from the field. This does not imply guilt but is simply an expedient to allow the melee to continue. Being removed from a melee does not mean the marshals will issue warnings or other sanctions. Of course, if the marshals see clear violations they can and will issue whatever sanctions they feel are appropriate.

7. All HOLDs will be general, no bubble holds. On HOLD all combatants will take a knee or sit down. Take that time to check points & armor. You may talk with your opponents or teammates but you may not discuss strategy, point out enemy positions, etc.

8. Avoid words that sound like HOLD, such as, "Don't step in that HOLE", "HOLD this position" or "FOLD the enemy line".

9. Battles are over when one side no longer has at least 2 fighters. Remember, this is a teaching forum, not a fight-to-the-last-man competition.

10. Do not drop weapons on the field. If an arm is taken, put the weapon behind you or otherwise out of the way. You may hand the weapon to a marshal if one is available.

11. Dead fighters should hold their weapons over their heads and walk off the field. Anyone pretending to be dead to fool the enemy will be removed from the field.

12. The marshals have the authority to remove anyone from the field at any time if they feel that person is being a problem whether there is a clear rules violation or not. Therefore all fighters need to keep their temper under control, stay calm and be reasonable to friend, marshal and foe alike.