KWAR Merchants

Of course we will have a merchants area. We will host merchants that have a variety of rapier related merchandise. We will have merchants that cater to the needs of the SCA rapier fighter.

List of Merchants confirmed to attend KWAR 2004:

  • Darkwood Armory – – Replica rapiers, daggers, bucklers and more with period hilts and blades as well as epees.

  • Sykes Sutlering – Sorry, they will no longer be attending, but visit them anyway! – High quality late period clothing, accessories, fencing equipment.

  • NorthStar Armoury – – High quality armour, both period and SCA legal.

  • Chivalry Bookshelf – – Publisher and dealer in titles relating to medieval and Renaissance history. Also carries very nice gloves and period shoes.

  • Therion Arms – – Antique and reproduction weapons, armour, and other interesting things.

  • Guardsman Supply Company – –  List legal period Fencing doublets, helmets, weapons, blades, etc

  • Charlotte's Web – –  trim, buttons, fans, parasols, patterns, circlets and coronets, Chinese shoes, belts and misc other items.

  • Ambience – –  Blackwork and other embroidery on and for shirts of all kinds.   email Seraphina

If you would like to merchant at KWAR please contact our Merchant Coordinator – Avery Shaw.

     Merchant Information/Registration

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