Merchanting at KWAR 2004


- Our Merchant Coordinator is Avery Shaw. He has worked for and with merchants at many SCA events over the years so he understands the needs of merchants. To contact him send an e-mail to Please do not use his private e-mail for this, even if you know it.

- At past KWARs merchants have complained that high costs meant that they made little or no profit, with some taking a loss. At this KWAR we are trying to minimize the cost for merchanting. To provide you with the least expensive merchant space we also have to minimize our costs.

- Space is limited and we reserve the right to decide who to include. We will prefer those merchants who our attendees -- fencing students -- most want to see. We strongly recommend you apply for your space as soon as possible.

- In order to reserve a merchanting space you need to email the merchant coordinator and let him know who you are and what you have to sell. Once you have been approved you will be instructed where and how to send your payment. We will only hold spaces for merchants from whom we have received payment. Once all of the merchanting spaces have been reserved we will not accept any more merchants unless there is a cancellation.

- Once your application has been approved your merchant name will be added to the list of confirmed merchants on the KWAR web site. If you send us a link to your web site and/or an email address it will be added to your merchant name when it appears on the list.

- There are two locations where you can set up as a KWAR merchant. The first will be at an outdoor site (Castle Garriot) and the second will be in the Omni Hotel. Note that the English Civil War Society will also offer space for merchanting at their event, Academy of the Soldier the day before KWAR. Please visit their site for details.

- We are expecting between 200 to 300 attendees at KWAR 2004. In 2000, 2001 and 2002 KWAR had attendance around 200 (in 2003 KWAR was combined with KWCS so the much larger numbers there do not reflect expected KWAR attendance). Those people will be rapier fighters so some rapier related merchandise (e.g Darkwood Armory) may sell fairly well but it will NOT be like selling at a war. The amount of merchandise 200 people will buy is limited. Plan realistically.

The Outdoor Site (Friday)

- At the outdoor site, space is unlimited and you may set up pavilions and as many tables as you wish at no extra charge. Hours will be from 9:00am when the event starts till 5:00pm when participants will return to the Omni.

- We have a limited number of tables we can provide at the outdoor site. We will provide 1 bare table for each table you reserve at the Omni at no extra charge. However, you MUST let us know you will need these tables so we can reserve them for you. Please note that if you do not need these tables we ask that you allow them to go to those merchants who DO need them. Some merchants may be flying in and unable to bring their own. Note that the outdoor site is well shaded by giant pecan trees so a pavilion is not necessary, though they are welcome. To discuss these details or any other needs, contact our merchant coordinator.

The Omni (Saturday & Sunday)

- Merchant space in the Omni Hotel will be available for $10 per table. You can have an electrical plug for an additional $15 (that is what the hotel charges us). Tables at the Omni will be covered and skirted. Hours on Friday will be from 6:00pm till midnight. Saturday hours will be from 8:00am until Midnight. Sunday hours will be from 8:00am until Noon. You may choose to be "open for business" as many or as few of those hours as you wish.

- At the Omni If you have merchandise that does not fit on a table (e.g. a rack of clothing) we will charge $10 for a space more or less the size of a table. Contact the merchant coordinator to discuss specifics.

- We will not have a closed merchant room at the Omni. The merchant area at the hotel will be in a part of the hotel lobby near the classrooms and restrooms. We also cannot provide a security guard so you will be responsible for safeguarding your own merchandise. The reason for this is that a separate room and a security guard are quite expensive and we would have to dramatically increase merchant fees to cover those costs.


- We are selling ad space in the KWAR class schedule and information booklet that will be given to all participants at KWAR. The price is $15 for a half page ad (5" high x 7.5" wide). A quarter page (5" high x 3.75" wide) still costs $15. A full page (10"high x 7.5" wide) is $30.

- You must provide a camera ready ad in the correct size.

- Payment must be by separate check. We reserve the right to refuse to run your ad until we deposit your check. Reasons we might refuse would include an offensive or illegal ad, or if we do not sell enough ads to break even on the printing costs those ads would incur.

- You do NOT have to merchant or attend KWAR to place an ad in our booklet.

- If you wish to purchase an ad, contact the KWAR merchant coordinator.

Ad requests must be received with payment by September 10, 2004.

Other Stuff

- KWAR Merchant's Mailing list -- Join this list for announcements of new developments, changes and last minute information for KWAR merchants, to discuss KWAR issues with the staff or your fellow merchants, or to coordinate with other merchants. Visit this web site to sign up:

Merchant Coordinator – Avery Shaw