Teacher Sign Up

We are currently looking for class instructors. If you feel you have some knowledge or skills that you would like to share, please consider volunteering to teach. We are particularly interested in classes on period rapier techniques and specialized subjects which are not generally available to students at a local or even kingdom level. Relevant non-fighting classes are also encouraged.

Info I need from instructors:

Class Title:

  • Class description: (short to medium-length paragraph, to be listed in the schedule), including: Type of class (lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on, sparring)
  • Prerequisites or level of experience (preferably more specific than "advanced" or "intermediate"; for example: requires basic knowledge of di Grassi, must be familiar with period Italian terminology, must be authorized for sidesword, etc.)
  • Student equipment requirements (does student need to bring blades; if so, what kind; is full armor needed, etc.)
  • Maximum number of students, if applicable
  • Fee if any (to cover handouts, etc.)
  • Class length (1-hour increments)

Space Requirements:

  • Space required (size of room, chairs or open floor, etc.)
  • Equipment or assistance required (table, chalkboard, grunt labor, etc.)
  • Scheduling requirements (examples: do not schedule for before noon, do not schedule opposite a particular class, etc.)
  • Any other requirements


  • Basic bio to be listed in the schedule, including:
  • Instructor Name:
    SCA Name or other name:
    Legal Name:
  • email address:
    Are willing to have your email address:
    posted on the KWAR web site? Yes /No
    printed in the schedule? Yes /No
  • kingdom and local group (if non-SCA, please list organization and mention any significant differences from SCA fighting conventions that may be relevant to your class)
  • Your background and experience:
  • special qualifications (including mundane)

Examples: If it is a class on how to win tourneys, you might list major tourneys you have won. If it is a class on stretching and exercise, you might mention that mundanely you are a physical therapist. If it is class comparing SCA fencing with modern fencing, you might mention that you are a mundane fencing instructor. If it is a class on a period master, you might mention that you have read his work in the original Italian.

Basic rule: If you saw this class listed on the schedule and were wondering if you might like to take it, what would you want to know about the instructor?

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,
Doña Gwenneth of Glamorgan
Class Coordinator
KWAR 2004